My Cellphone

It’s been a couple days since I wrote a new post. I’ve been quite busy with a bunch of crap that I can’t even remember. “Carol” was not as awesome as I’d hoped it’d be. I think I expected it to be a lot more graphic and it just didn’t happen. Also, I grew a hemorrhoid in my ass this past week so that didn’t help. Instead of writing about humor, I’m going to post some screen shots of conversations with friends from my phone. I laugh every time I re-read these convo’s. Have fun! This is going to be very hemorrhoid filled and maybe graphic so brace yourselves. #noshameinmygame

This friend here is a fellow hemorrhoid survivor.matt

And this NON understanding friend.egg-1

This perp. One of my best friends, I love him to pieces. He’s single if anyone’s interested, send me an e-mail. Seriously the best guy I know.juuuustin

I’m just a little salty.egggsicle

When dad is on the verge of croaking.joeee

Hope you guys got a giggle out of these. I still do!



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